Long-term support on the creation and evolution of two sites, following strong growth challenges.

Stuart is a last-mile delivery platform that connects businesses with independent couriers to provide fast, reliable, and sustainable delivery services.

We’ve been working with the great Stuart team since late 2018 and supporting them on many of their projects, and we continue to maintain and evolve their websites to this day.

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Date2018 - Present
  • Nuxt
  • DatoCMS
  • Netlify
  • HubSpot
IndustryLast-Mile Delivery
MarketB2B and B2C

Initial website development and rebranding

We initially worked with Stuart on the complete development of their website, based on a Jamstack architecture. At the time, sites rendered in SSG (Static Site Generation) with Nuxt were quite rare, and Stuart's main constraint was to use Dato as a CMS.

Jamstack (or now Composable architecture) offers many advantages, including:

  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced security
  • Less expensive web hosting

We then adopted DatoCMS for many other projects. It's constantly improving and bringing more and more great features.

Following Stuart's rebrand in 2021, we reworked the site to adapt to the new graphic language. The site's modular construction made it easy to rework the existing layout, modifying typography, colors and illustrations.

A screenshot of Stuart home page.

Driving Seamless CRM Integration and Marketing Strategy for Stuart's Growth

Since the initial development of the website, we've been supporting Stuart's marketing teams in the implementation of their acquisition strategy.

This includes, of course, connecting to the APIs of the various CRMs used by their teams. In this context, we have migrated from Salesforce to HubSpot, and in the CMS we enable the creation of forms that are linked to campaigns, while maintaining a consistent graphic style. At the same time, we've implemented GDPR compliance and analytics, using Piwik PRO.

A screenshot of the 'Get in touch' form on Stuart website

We've been working together for quite a while now, and throughout this time, Bagage has consistently delivered high-quality work on time and excelled at tackling complex challenges, showcasing exceptional skills. I recommend them to anyone seeking developers who are not only reliable and professional but also innovative and adaptable.

Viktoriia ZakorchemnaWeb developer — Stuart

Leveraging Modular structure and DatoCMS for Stuart's International Presence

One of Stuart's main challenges in recent years has been to open up its service internationally (UK, Spain, Poland, Portugal and Italy). The modular structure and the use of DatoCMS has enabled us to deploy the site in new languages following precise strategies adapted to the market. These strategies can include, for example:

  • Translation of certain pages for services offered at the opening of a new market
  • Specific navigations
  • Landings pages created specifically for one or more countries

Technically, adding a locale and translating content is easy with Dato. When fields are defined, they can be made translatable or not. In addition, it's possible to duplicate a page from one locale to another. And last but not least, Dato's advanced role management allows you, for example, to give translators access only to certain types of content.

More generally, a large part of our work with Stuart consists of adding new bricks to the site's modular architecture and fine-tuning existing modules.

Stuart's Courier Space Redefined with Nuxt 3 and Dato CMS

In late 2022, early 2023, we worked on the migration/reconstruction of the courier space on an associated sub-domain. The complexity of this exercise lay mainly in the fact that we had to create a new site on a Nuxt 3 ( is on Nuxt 2) and on a new Dato project, while reusing modules present on the B2B site.
The registration forms for the courier platform are connected to the Fountain API.

We regularly audit both sites with the Seobility tool, which gives us an overall SEO score and solutions for improvement.


Stuart in-house team (Pablo Vene, Clara Quinteros, Kathya Gonzales)
Viktoriia ZakorchemnaBagage
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