Combine two sites into one new modular website, allowing landing pages to be created on the fly.

Spacefill is a B2B SaaS solution for the management of outsourced warehouses and logistics partners.

In 2023, we worked on the creation of their new website, and have been supporting them ever since in the development of new features.

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Date2023 - Present
  • Nuxt
  • DatoCMS
  • Netlify
IndustrySupply chain & logistics

A Fully Modular Website

The main challenge in creating this new website is to enable complete autonomy in the creation of new pages. To achieve this, we chose to design pages as assemblies of modules, selectable within the CMS. This is where a headless CMS like Dato offers numerous advantages. The modules and the fields that compose them are entirely customizable.

The first step is to carefully scope the options we want to provide. The idea is to position the cursor in a way that offers the expected freedom in module creation while preventing content creators from deviating from the branding.

This modular creation logic, including in the code, allows us to easily implement new modules as Spacefill's needs evolve. This could include modules with lead forms, filterable lists, and more.

A screenshot of Spacefill for 3PL page.
-25%Bounce rate
+25%Engagement rate
+3.5%Conversion rate

Combining Two Websites into One

In addition to the goal of creating a modular site, the objective of this new website was to combine Spacefill's two existing sites. One was built on WordPress, and the other on Webflow.

The advantage of transitioning to a headless CMS is to harness the best of both worlds:

  • Greater scalability and code control than Webflow
  • Enhanced security and better performance than WordPress

I've been working with Adrien and Clément on Spacefill's website revamp. We've migrated from a Wordpress, to Dato CMS, changed the whole UX and UI. Our one-shot project has evolved to an ongoing partnership. I appreciate their reactivity and sense of design and branding. The collaboration is seamless, they understand marketers and our need.

Philippine BreuilHead of marketing — Spacefill


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