We are a team of two developers with an expertise in website creation.

Before starting Bagage, we met in a creative web agency and then worked as separate freelancers. It became clear that we had to create our own studio because we enjoy working with our own clients to share key values and a common strategy.

Photo of a wooden interior. A cup of coffee and books on a buffet.
Photo of art frame next to a furniture.
A computer and a glass on a table.

Involve developers in shaping the project, at the very first steps

We have a keen eye for graphic design, and we identify the technical constraints imposed by the web, without limiting our ideas.

AD materials such as animations and interactions always serve the meaning of the content. The website is not overwhelmed with animations.

Work with you as if we were part of the team

That doesn't mean we understand exactly what you're doing, but it does mean we'll do our best to deliver the best possible result.

We're honest, we're looking for the best for you, not the most.

Collaboration helps up developing our skills, growing and going beyond our limits.

Make sure you can scale afterwards, with or without us

We don't claim authorship for what we do. It is important to us that our work is useful in the long run.

We train you to use the CMS we've set up. We transfer knowledge to your developers, the day they join your team. The code is yours.

Flexibility and billing arrangements

The team can be composed with in-house developers, other freelancers or agencies, offering of variety of services ranging. From redesigning a simple website to providing long-term support for developing new features.

We're based in Nantes, but we can (and love to) move around to meet our customers.

Taking the immersive experience a step further

We regularly immerse in digital art, with a strong desire to engage in projects of similar nature.

If your idea goes beyond a simple communication need, we're here to help you translate it and make it impactful.